Mosaic Network

Senior Team

Dr. Prashant Rajvaidya

President & Chief Technology Officer
Ph.D. Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara; MS, University of California, Santa Barbara; BCA, University of Indore, India

Prashant is Mosaic's president, founder and chief technologist. He is an internationally recognized computer science expert in the fields of Next Generation Internet (NGI), Multicast, and Internet2, and advises the chief scientists of leading international networking and software companies, research institutes, and universities. Prashant's research and publications in leading computer science research journals is an integral part of the development of Next Generation Internet and information management technologies. His work focuses on electronic information management systems, advanced World Wide Web services and cutting edge Internet technologies. Prashant has more than seven years experience designing information management solutions related to children’s system of care, social services and education evaluation projects.