Overview of Our Approach

Services, diagram showing workflow integration, software customization and technical assistance related to GEMSMosaic provides a variety of services around our core technology solution, GEMS. Our interdisciplinary team works to ensure that we thoroughly integrate workflow, with software and technical assistance.

Today over 800 government, philanthropic,and similar community based organizations rely on Mosaic to further community well-being. Our solutions seamlessly integrate interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of social science research, evaluation consultation, provider training, and information technology. This forward thinking approach results in successfully implemented, effective, people-driven and outcomes-based strategies to improve the lives of children, families and communities.

Mosaic uses a clearly articulated approach to project design and management. Because our team includes experts in evaluation as well as information technology, we are able to ensure that our technology products and services generate real results based on sound evaluation principals. We are much more then a software company. We make sure that our client's vision drives our technology solutions and not the other way around.