Today over 10,000 government, philanthropic, and similar community organizations rely on Mosaic's technology and evaluation expertise to further community well-being.

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Helping You Improve Results

We put our interdisciplinary approach to practical use for the better social wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Let us help you plan and succeed.

  • Early Childhood Development
  • International Development
  • Public Health Initiatives
  • Family Support & Community Building
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Education

Our Approach

Mosaic helps complex community initiatives harness the power of information to evaluate the impact of their efforts and improve results. We bring a unique blend of expertise in the fields of database technology, evaluation consulting, research and program support. The Mosaic team has years of research and field experience providing solutions for a variety of social issues.

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GEMS software

Our Technology

Mosaic's flagship product is a Grant Evaluation and Management Solution called GEMS. This software enables social programs to track clients, services, and outcomes for self-evaluation and to share this data with funding staff and evaluators. Funders use GEMS to manage administrative and fiscal information about their programs to meet contractual obligations, do evaluation, and determine impacts. In short, GEMS enables programs to answer, "Is this working?" and "What should we change?"

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GEMS software

Our Technology

STARS is the premier QRIS solution integrating advanced strategy and technology for the success of state and regional QRIS initiatives. STARS is strategic consultation, technology including a robust QRIS data system, research and evaluation and communications services that are designed to help initiative leaders successfully plan, implement and manage the complex needs of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems.

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