Transition to Adulthood

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is often challenging, and particularly for youth with emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD). These youth have a high risk of negative outcomes such as dropout, incarceration, and unemployment. Often, youths with EBD are involved with multiple service systems—such as mental health, foster care, schools, juvenile justice—and require comprehensive support to successfully transition to independence. Mosaic has helped develop and enhance an assessment process and tools designed to support case managers in helping at risk youth transition to adult independence and reduce negative outcomes.

Case Study: University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute

Florida Mental Health Institute Florida Mental Health Institute Mosaic has partnered with researchers at the University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) to investigate the Transition to Adulthood Independence Process (TIP) system, designed to assist young people with EBD in making a successful transition to adulthood.

Mosaic and FMHI are collaborating to electronically adapt one specific tool—the Transition to Adulthood Program Information System (TAPIS). As part of this project, we are conducting reliability and validity studies on the instrument and partnering with youth transition programs across the country. We have also automated the assessment process to allow transition facilitation agency personnel to easily track and monitor their clients’ progress, and provide a controlled avenue for high quality research data.

This project is one of the several examples of Mosaic’s collaboration with university partners to develop tools and conduct validation studies. The goal is to contribute to the knowledge base regarding youth transition, as well as providing more efficient and effective tools for frontline service providers, all the while furthering the long-term goal to help high-risk youth transition to adulthood and achieve independence.