Public Health Initiatives

Acting upon process, program and result indicators in a timely manner is critical for the effectiveness of federal and state public initiatives like mental health system of care projects, safe school/healthy students initiatives, and collaborative foster care programs. However the process of evaluation and data collection in multi-site public health initiatives is very challenging. Over the last decade, Mosaic has successfully solved the challenge. Mosaic’s flagship data product GEMS, is designed specifically to address the concerns that arise in the presence of multiple producers and consumers of information.

Through our work at federal, state, and local levels, we have successfully implemented strategies that parallel the efforts of integrated service delivery through a coordinated information management planning. Specifically, the roots of Mosaic lay in a similar project in the 1990’s involved the six-year implementation of a youth system of care mental health program. As a part of this project, called Multi Inter-Agency Systems of Care (MISC), we participated in the national evaluation of the Children Mental Health Services Program. This pioneering work which utilized multi site data system technology was the seed that led to the creation of Mosaic Network. Today we work on a number of public health initiatives, including statewide systems for treatment of addictive behavior.