International Development

Mosaic works with international aid groups operating in over 30 countries around the world.  Our services and technology allows these organizations to better evaluate their efforts and make adjustments to their strategies based on real time information including numbers of beneficiaries, country and region based statistics, the use of outcomes tools and analysis of impact based on project indicators. Project Management and Evaluation are difficult challenges for International Development organizations. It is often hard to determine the impact of these programs, and even more difficult to demonstrate clear outcomes as a result of specific efforts. However, high quality evaluative and programmatic information is critical in informing ongoing and future efforts.

Mosaic's unique strength for international development projects is our interdisciplinary blend of consulting, proven technology and ongoing training which enable complex operations like International Development organizations organizations to manage information about their projects, meet donor obligations, perform evaluations, determine impacts, and manage fiscal and administrative tasks. Our team has a strong understanding of the tools and best practices used in International Development evaluation and can help to implement the policies and technical solutions to streamline this important work.

Mosaic provides solutions for a variety of International Aid efforts including:

Case Study: Medical Teams International:

GIS map showing projects around the world Mosaic has worked with Medical Teams International to provide a solution for online grant submission, project management, and evaluation. Our International Aid solution for Medical Teams International allows for project and initiatvie design for global operations in over 30 countries. The system uses a unique and customizable system of global indicators that are programmed into each project as part of the original project application, and provides an automated template for reporting on all key indicators and data collection techniques. Our GEMS solution for International Aid is the most advanced Monitoring and Evaluation system in use for International Aid organization.