Family Support and Community Building

Meeting the data needs of Family Support Organizations and designing an evaluation solution to help determine outcomes and guide decision making is challenging due to the inherent complexity of the work —programs and services are multi-faceted and they have limited resources for strengthening infrastructure. Challenges exist at every step from deciding what data to collect, to where to collect it from, and how to process it. Mosaic understands that Family Support organizations face similar underlying challenges including the difficulty of administering multiple programs, being accountable to multiple funding sources, lack of resources, and lack of long-term program stability.  Effective use of evaluation technology can help Family Support organizations face these challenges more efficiently.

Mosaic has successfully and effectively solved these challenges through our work at federal, state, foundation and local levels by using technology as a tool for bridging the gap between program management, evaluation and research. Mosaic helps Family Support Organizations to streamline their operations, simplify day-to-day tasks, better coordinate services, and ensure impact.  Timely access to client, service delivery and outcomes data increases organizational effectiveness and aids in development tasks and reporting to funding sources.

Case Study: Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Making Connections Initiative

Casey Foundation and Making Connections Logos Mosaic works with the Casey Foundation on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s flagship initiative, Making Connections. The program helps vulnerable children living in tough neighborhoods to succeed by helping to strengthen connections between families and within communities.  Making Connections sites…are working to connect parents to good jobs and asset building opportunities and to ensure that their young children benefit from better health care, quality early childhood services, and more intensive supports in the early grades.”. Using Mosaic’s GEMS system and data analysis services allows this multi-city project to maintain connections with sites nationwide.  This project has benefited from Mosaic’s strength in applying multi-site community initiatives, including use of Mosaic’s GEMS data system solution, data analysis services as well as technical assistance and data coaching to individual sites.