Mosaic's team has significant experience in a variety of educational settings, from Pre-K to Secondary Education and beyond. By enabling analysis of comlex data specific to students within specific programs, as well as external local, state and national data and trends Mosaic enables our partners to determine the outcomes of their learning models. Through powerful client matching technology, the ability to interface with data from Departments of Education, school districts, and other partners in edication, and through the use of powerful tools for managing and evaluating classes and classroom environments, reporting, and more,

Mosaic works to improve the effectiveness of education across all educational levels, using technology to track student performance while at the same time maintaining confidentiality requirements including HIPPA and FERPA. Mosaic is able to provide longitudinal analyis, and evidence of progress across a wide range of measures without sharing confidential indentifying information.

Case Study: NYC Small Schools Initiative/Outward Bound

Florida Mental Health Institute Mosaic has partnered with Outward Bound to seamlessly integrate information from external databases such as The Department of Education, with information that comes specifically from programs administered by the organization. Through survey tools, performance tracking, reporting and flexible reporting features Mosaic has enabled Outward Bound to answer a variety of questions including how many students are being served at Outward Bound administered small school sites including the demographics of students being served, what services have been administered, what is having the most impact and what types of outomes have been achieved.