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At Mosaic, we understand the challenges faced by human service initiatives. We realize that although resources are limited, expectations are high. Research strategies and evaluation plans evolve over time and must benefit multiple audiences. Timely access to high-quality client, service and outcome information is critical to successfully evaluate the impact of these efforts and inform optimum allocation of resources towards achieving these goals.

The Mosaic team has years of research and field experience in the areas of early childhood development, youth mental health issues, school violence, international development, and a variety of other social and educational issues. Collectively, we have published more than 300 scientific research papers on such diverse topics as children's scorecards, tobacco ordinances, prevention of school violence, data systems for systems of care, and analytical database technology. We have the unique experience of having worked extensively with both grant givers as well as organizations on the frontlines directly serving communities.

At Mosaic we are able to seamlessly adapt our proven technology solution for virtually any human service initiative. Our in-house evaluation experts ensure that all of our solutions are grounded in sound evaluation design. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand our client's needs, and providing powerful technology solutions that empower and improve decision making.