Mosaic Network, Inc. is a leading provider of evaluation technology and services to the social service sector, including government agencies, NGOs and Community Based Organizations. Our experience with diverse large-scale community initiatives enables us to help government agencies and organizations working to benefit society to achieve their vision. We provide evaluation software and consulting to help our clients evaluate funded programs and their impacts. Our findings and tools show where resources are being spent, how to make improvements, and which services are working best. We help our clients to succeed, tell their stories, and improve society.

Mosaic's mission is to use a scientific and business like approach that puts research in the fields of community, health, education and technology to practical use, to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. We aim to create best quality solutions that will optimally, efficiently and seamlessly integrate interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of research, consultation, training, and information technology for improved development in the social service sector, in order to create happier and stronger communities.

A History of Innovation and Results

Founded in 2000, our history began in the 1990s at the University of California, Santa Barbara where the founders began applying information technology for data intensive evaluations of multi-site human service initiatives. The data management solution created through this collaboration was recognized by the Child Development Center at Georgetown University as the nation's best among sites from across the country. In 2000, the founders started Mosaic Network, Inc. to provide evaluation technology solutions. This led to the development of Mosaic's flagship technology product GEMS - Grant Evaluation and Management Solution - and provided the company with strong roots in the fields of evaluation technology, and research.