Streamline and Simplify every aspect of your data and reporting needs.

GEMS - "Grant Evaluation and Management Solution", is a proven and powerful software that simplifies performance evaluation, contract monitoring, case management, client tracking, service delivery, and longitudinal research.

GEMS For Funders

Manage and Evaluate Programs while determining impact
Funders can use GEMS to manage administrative and fiscal information about their programs, while also evaluating this data in real time to meet contractual obligations and determine impacts.

GEMS For Programs

Plan, implement, and manage the complex needs of your initiatives
Human service programs can use GEMS to track clients, services and outcomes for self-evaluation and share this data with funding staff and evaluators.

GEMS Benefits

  • Creates Common “Language” for Multiple Audiences
  • Enables Cross Program and Longitudinal Study
  • Integrates Local, State, and Federal Data
  • Document Program Impacts
  • Interfaces with Pre-Existing Data Systems
  • Provides Complete Case Management
  • Accommodates Future Changes
  • Web Based for use with PCs and Mobile Devices
  • Individual Client and Aggregate Data Tracking

Field-Tested Features of GEMS

From generating annual evaluation reports to seamlessly integrating initiative-wide and program-specific evaluations, GEMS comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of features that provide a rich set of end-user functionalities that can easily be configured and customized.

Manage Contracts & Programs

Manage administrative information for organizations, programs, contracts, and even subcontractors in a hierarchical manner. Includes managing staff and organization contact details.

Design Your Framework

Design and maintain end-to-end logic models so that all services, milestones, and outcomes assigned to programs relate back to larger goals, initiatives and the overall strategic plan.

Build Tools and Surveys

Design your own outcomes tools and surveys directly in the system for programs to collect data. Use sectional logic, validation rules, skip mechanisms, and conditional formatting to auto-calculate fields.

Collect Client Level Data

Enter individual client-level data for all types of service recipients, including children, parents, other family members, programs and providers.

Manage Cases Online

Use the online case management tool to track appointments, schedules, reminders, and claims reimbursements.

Assign Client IDs

Target, screen and enroll clients in services for multiple programs. Assign unique identifiers to individual service recipients based on AB99 fields for longitudinal studies and for tracking long-term outcomes and service impacts.

View and Collect Data in Multiple Formats

Let program users track demographic, activity (service), survey and milestone information in an aggregate, easy-to-use, roster format for group and non-consenting direct service recipients.

Browse Extensive Report Library

Get instant results for research and evaluation teams as well as programs and funder staff with a comprehensive report library. Generate a variety of reports to extract specific information from data entered in GEMS. Easily filter results using custom parameters and add comments or additional formatting to any report.

Report Designer & Ad Hoc Reporting

With designer wizard, add new reports easily to GEMS report library, even without the knowledge of databases or queries. Use GEMS ad-hoc reporting feature to export data into multiple formats. GEMS also supports external analysis programs such as SPSS, SAS, Crystal Reports and Excel.

GEMS in Action

GEMS adapts to your organization’s evaluation logic to simplify project monitoring, client tracking, service delivery, outcomes management and reporting of results.

GEMS is designed specifically for managing, evaluating and monitoring multi-site human service initiatives. With its web-based interface, custom reporting infrastructure, and robust security features, the system is designed to provide staff, evaluators, and Programs with easy access to high-quality information for quality assurance, progress monitoring, outcome evaluation, and program improvement. This section provides a basic technical and functionality overview of GEMS.

GEMS Underlying Architecture
GEMS relies on a software system that provides field-tested functionality, while still tailoring the system to each project’s unique requirements. Our ability to deploy GEMS with speed, efficiency, and reliability relies on a four-tiered approach: Secured Server Infrastructure, Robust Software Platform, Rich Features & Functionality and Extensible Reports & Data Analysis.

The basic underlying benefit of this architecture is that Mosaic can tailor GEMS to each project’s custom needs effectively and efficiently. In most cases, regardless of the complexity of research goals, evaluation plan, initiative design and program services, GEMS can be configured and deployed in just a matter of weeks.

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We go above and beyond to collaborate with you on goals assessment, support implementation, evaluation of results and effective communication to diverse stakeholders. You can rely on us to be your most committed partner, and your biggest champion, as you work to improve the lives of children and families. We work with our customers and partners to form collaborative working relationships in an effort to:

  • Increase program’s capacity to self-evaluate
  • Provide easy-to-use software that assures the effective use of data
  • Provide on-demand information to improve service delivery to children, families, and communities
  • Mobilize maximum community input about meaningful results
  • Shift focus from accountability to developing and enhancing opportunities for families and communities
  • Employ technology for multi-site initiatives to streamline data collection and improve impact